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Art Verve Academy

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Take an Adult Art Class in Tucson

Weekly adult art classes are available in sketching, drawing & painting in a variety of mediums, subject matter and technique

Introductory courses in specific mediums are scheduled within a carousel format repeating every other semester or year. 

Students may enter the carousel at any time based on their comfort level and are more than welcome to repeat any course as many times as they like.

Course catalogs are published biannually and updated on the web twice a year. Once for spring/summer and once for fall/winter. We meet in either 2, 3, 4 or 6 sessions on a weekly basis for a 3-hour duration. 

Student Orientation

Here are some useful steps to help you get well on your way to class!

1) Assess your Skill Level 
Prior to taking a class, read the skill level descriptions on this page or click here

If you are an absolute beginner, the best way to enter the course carousel is to take a drawing course or a course in charcoal or graphite. If you are a beginner, look for an introduction course, intermediates look for a course in technique or the basics.

If you are still unsure about your experience or your skills, please contact us or your instructor prior to taking a class & discuss your concerns. We will be glad to help you find a course or make a make recommendation. 

2) Getting on the Course Roster
Enrollment is required for each course unless you have paid the full tuition. Enrollment reserves your seat and will help us prepare for your arrival. Your tuition is not due until the first day of class. Please enroll online or by phone, see the instructions on this page.

3) Materials & Art Supplies 
Look on the course description page for the supply list. There is also more detailed information listed on the mediums & materials page.

4) Clothing
You may get dirty so bring an apron or an old shirt that is suitable to get stained, soiled or ruined. Wear comfortable shoes if you plan on standing at your easel. If you are taking a plein air class be sure to bring a hat and wear sunscreen.

5) Finding Your Class Location
If you need driving directions, visit the outpost page. If you are not sure where your class is located, check the course description page. Note that some sessions are held at various locations around town so be sure to check where each session is located. 

6) What is Expected of Me in Class?
Please help us create a supportive environment so we may learn from each other! 

  • Please be respectful to your fellow students, everyone should feel free to ask questions without judgment or ridicule.
  • Come to class on time or set up studio equipment after the lecture or demonstration is over
  • Turn off cell phones or put on vibrate; if you need to take a call please do so outside the classroom
  • Attitude is everything when learning a new skill! Please bring a willingness to learn and/or a sense of humor.