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Stacy Egan

I discovered my passion for drawing and painting relatively late in life, after taking an early retirement from a 22-year career in physics and engineering. I have always admired those who could create art, but it took me awhile to believe that I too could learn to do it. Just like with anything that can be learned, I discovered that with desire and daily practice came improvement until I saw both skill and passion for art flourish within me.

Aside from a couple of introductory watercolor classes in 2003, I am self-taught. It all began in November 2011 when I bought my first sketchbook and sketched the San Francisco Peaks as viewed from my mother-in-law's hospital room. Shortly after that, I committed to a challenge to sketch every day and did so for 75 consecutive days, and I haven't stopped since! It's been such an exciting journey of artistic growth for me these last five years, and I want to share it with you and help you to grow too!


Quote from Stacy Egan

In my winding path through various artistic endeavors, I have found my home in ink and watercolor sketching and painting.

I love to draw and paint places and things I love, whether it be the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the humble flora and fauna of my homelands in the Sonoran Desert, or instruments of music.

My heart sings with vibrant color and I seek to express that in my paintings. I find that adding black ink only makes the colors seem that much more vibrant.

Stacy Egan
Instructor at the Art Verve Academy

Testimonials Regarding Stacy Egan

The layering watercolor class was so eye opening. Stacey was such a calm, warm and encouraging teacher. She did a great job breaking down the steps to more consumable pieces.

Student at the Art Verve Academy

I had put down my art interest for more than two years. I needed something to 'kick-start' it again. I took two classes from Art Verve Academy. They were 'Drawing the Human Head' with Christy Olsen and 'Exploring Watercolor Textures' with Stacy Egan. Both of these classes & their instructors were very, very good & just what I needed to 'kick-start' my art activities again. I would strongly recommend these classes & the Art Verve Academy!!!

John Liebert
a.k.a. Artist Wannabe!

So modest about her own work but so willing to share her experience with others.

Student at the Art Verve Academy

Stacy Egan is a fantastic teacher.

Student at the Art Verve Academy