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Art Verve Academy

Learn, Create, and Cultivate the Visual Arts!

Our Story

We are Tucson's unprecedented mobile art academy. We proudly offer classes or workshops in sketching, drawing, painting or mixed media face to face within a group setting in a variety of mediums, subject matter or techniques. Adults, ages 16 & up (or accompanied by a guardian) at any level are welcome to enroll.

Our History in a Nutshell

In the summer of 2015, a local art organization received an unexpected donation. After providing a dance hall and community location for seniors every Saturday night since 1972, the non-profit organization, "Singles & Friends," donated their entire building to the Tucson Pastel Society (TPS), an existing 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Conveniently located at 1st and Grant with a large open space spanning 1,832 square feet, the building was perfect for Visual Art studio practice, classes or workshops. After receiving this generous donation, TPS would call upon the aid of the surrounding arts community to help raise funds to renovate their building, bring it up to city code, and transform it into an Art Center.

The Tucson Pastel Society Art Center

TPS Art Center

Six months later in the spring of 2016, a small group of independent artists began helping TPS sustain it's facility operations and monthly maintenance costs by renting the building to teach art classes. Those classes were well received by students, who requested that they offer more and the Art Verve Academy, a small private local service oriented business was born. Our mobile visual arts school continues to support the vibrant arts community, the local economy, & other art organizations around Tucson, Arizona.

Our Mission

“We enable adults at any level to learn, create or cultivate the visual arts within a group setting!”

Our Vision

“Elevate Tucson, Arizona as one of the top artistic and creative communities within Southern Arizona.”

Our Partners

We want people to know that we are local, our team of instructors is local, and we support making our local community a better place. We partner with other small businesses and organizations to support the local economy.

Our Local Promotional Partners

These partnerships are brokered between local art supply stores and the Art Verve Academy to leverage collective resources or raise awareness for both their products, materials or art supplies and our organization.

If you shop for art supplies locally, receive a discount on any purchased item that is not currently on sale, note that you must show a current class or workshop receipt. Our local art supply partners include:

Our Local Strategic Partners

We strategically partner with other small businesses and organizations if we share the same vision or worthy cause. These include:

Our Sponsors

A Very Special THANKS to our sponsors, contributors & volunteers, who enhance, donate or help make the Art Verve experience happen! We appreciate your dedication and consistent support to make Tucson one of the top arts & cultural destinations within southern Arizona! If you would like to sponsor, contribute or volunteer, please let us know.

Sponsors who support us with proceeds and help small businesses flourish include:

Our Staff

We typically work to keep the academy running. The academy staff is responsible for providing instructional leadership, developing, implementing, and evaluating the academy’s systems, policies or curriculum, among other tasks.

  • We communicate or correspond with both instructors and learners.
  • We rent facilities, schedule and facilitate classes or workshops.
  • We process financial transactions and maintain accounting records.