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Linda Chappel

Linda Chappel has over 15 years of experience teaching art courses at a college level and throughout has maintained and an active studio practice. Her formal education began at the University of Madison, Wisconsin where she was fortunate enough to study sculpture under Dan Reitz, George Cramer and Truman Lowe.

She graduated with a Bachelor's of Art (B.A.) in Fine Arts in 1986. Afterward, she worked in various fields then began working as a fine artist in Santa Fe and later in Seattle. Her work has exhibited in many galleries, including the OK Hotel Gallery and the AFLN Gallery in Seattle.

In 1992 Linda was admitted to the University of Arizona Master's Degree Program. She moved to Tucson to work her Graduate degree in Art History. In 1996, she completed her Master’s Degree in Art History, specializing in Mexican Art History. Linda is currently a full-time art instructor at the Tohono O'odham Community College.


Student Testimonials for Linda Chappel

"I connected with Linda, immediately on the first day and trust her completely."

Student from "Down to Earth Drawing"



"Linda's extremely knowledgeable and her presentation's chosen images were enlightening! Very enjoyable!."

Student from "Art History in the Studio"