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Art Verve Academy

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Our instructors are all valuable contributors to our curriculum as well as part of our collaborative, supportive and cohesive culture.

Instructors are key in the learning process whether they contract long term or on an individual course basis; they take the initiative to make each course a positive experience.   

Each is phenomenal at art instruction, passionate, empathetic and will share their experience with students. 

Linda Chappel

​"My work often combines images from the lexicon of art history with direct observations of nature. These combinations of subjects create visual allegories that focus on our current cultural relationship to nature. Thus, the primary concern is an examination of the relationship between humans, animals, and the landscape."

Student Testimonials 

​"I connected with Linda, immediately on the first day and trust her completely."​​ Anonymous
​"Linda's extremely knowledgeable and her presentation's chosen images were enlightening! Very enjoyable!"​​ Anonymous

Stacy Egan

​"In my winding path through various artistic endeavors, I have found my home in ink and watercolor sketching and painting. I love to draw and paint places and things I love, whether it be the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the humble flora and fauna of my homelands in the Sonoran Desert, or instruments of music. My heart sings with vibrant color and I seek to express that in my paintings. I find that adding black ink only makes the colors seem that much more vibrant. "

Student Testimonial 

​"So modest about her own work but so willing to share her experience with others."​​ Anonymous

Meredith Milstead

​"As a visual artist and teacher in subtle pursuit of that ever elusive yet fully satisfying, spontaneous Aha! I have come to discover an avenue (or two) of coax. I share with readers, students and the curious alike possibilities for bringing the 'Aha!' forth-always an adventure."

Student Testimonials 

"Reviewing my notes from Meredith's 'Intro to Plein Air' course, I can see how much she gave us and she packed it in there. Her fine arts grounding gave us a lot of useful information in a relevant context. Wow!"​​ Noel Hawke
​"I was motivated to practice more at home and my technique improved, all within a short amount of time after working with Meredith!" Anonymous

Christy Olsen

​"I have an enthusiastic approach to learning and I love to share with others. The real gratification of teaching is not in repeating the same information over and over but in discovering something new in viewing the same information through the eyes of someone else with a new or fresh perspective & a questioning mind."

Student Testimonials 

​"I love her classes - always a good group of people and I learn so much!"​​ Anonymous
​"Her energy combined with her honesty and experience, her willingness & drive to share with students is magnetic!"​​ Anonymous
​"She is such a delight & very authentic teacher. She has practical advice for the recreational to the professional artist."​​ Anonymous