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Art Verve Academy

Learn, Create, and Cultivate the Visual Arts!

Create with Us!

Practicing the Visual Arts outside of the classroom provides a platform for social learning and allows our community to make meaningful connections with each other.

Art Verve Academy FB Group

Share Your Work with Us Online!

You could learn from others or be inspired by their work! Post your work, homework or see what other students are creating! Art Verve instructors share feedback on work posted.

This group is private, open to anyone who has taken a class or attended a meetup. Note that you must have a Facebook account to join our discussions.

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Collaborative Questions

We ask ourselves & one other....

  • What is?
  • What can?
  • What if?
  • What should?
  • What will?
  • What happened?

Art Verve Meetup

Art Meetup May 5, 2018
Instructors (left to right) Linda Chappel, Michele Vaughan & Christy Olsen

Verve Meetups

Find encouragement, support or inspiration! Sponsored by the Art Verve Academy, 'Meeups' are free, open to the public, and provide opportunities for social learning and a place to meaningful connections! Beginners are welcome!

We're an active group made up of adults, who practice the Visual Arts, across all generations from beginner to advanced. Find other like-minded folks, create within a community, share your tips, tools or techniques with us.

Come sketch, draw or paint with us, work in any medium of your choice! Share completed work with other enthusiasts or bring in your work for individual feedback.

For more information, visit

Art Verve Village Practice

Sometimes it takes a friendly village with verve to be inspired, find motivation or feel supported! Village art practice allows face-to-face contact, the free flow of ideas & place where individuals can cultivate together. Come draw or paint with us within a supportive studio environment.

Note that these sessions are only offered in spring or fall, we break during the summer. If you would like to practice in a group setting during the summer, please join one of our free meetups. Visit for times and locations.

Village Art Practice

Art Verve Village Practice Session