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Art Verve Academy

Learn, Create, & Cultivate the Visual Arts!

Art Verve Meetups

Sponsored by the Art Verve Academy, 'Meetups,' are free and give participants time to learn, create or cultivate their skills in visual arts or appreciate local artwork outside the classroom!

Learning is made up of enduring, ongoing interactions, relationships, and information exchanges. We practice art together. We want learners to engage with the content and begin applying it as soon as possible.

Art Verve Village

We practice drawing, sketching or painting in a variety of different mediums. Anyone at any level may work with us in a supportive environment, find other like-minded folks, build comradery or share tips, tools and techniques.

We also facilitate art demonstrations, museum tours, art events or art show openings. Lifelong learning is our goal & we strive to reach that goal.

Art Verve Meetup

Art Meetup May 5, 2018
Instructors (left to right) Linda Chappel, Michele Vaughan & Christy Olsen