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Art Verve Academy

Learn, Create, & Cultivate the Visual Arts!

About Us

Who Are We?

We are an unprecedented mobile Visual Arts school, serving Tucson, Arizona since the spring of 2016!

Where Are We Located?

We do not have a dedicated building of our own, we rent spaces around Tucson, through strategic partnerships with other local organizations to aid, sponsor or support the local economy & the vibrant arts community.

What Do We Teach?

We proudly teach drawing, sketching, art journaling or painting in person within a classroom setting within a variety of mediums, subject matter & visual art techniques.

Who Can Take A Class?

Adults at any level, ages 16 & up (or accompanied by a guardian) are welcome to enroll.

How Are We Different?

‘Verve’ is not an energy drink or a rock & roll band, it is the spirit or enthusiasm behind any artist's creation. ‘Verve’ is synonymous with vitality, energy, liveliness or vigor. The Art Verve provides a unique experience for adults at any level who would like to learn, create or cultivate the Visual Arts!

“We provide interactive art classes with verve, quality instruction, designed to inspire, motivate or support the individual learner!“

Our instructors are key in the learning process and want to share the verve with you! Each is experienced, supportive, knowledgeable, perceptive and clear. They focus on teaching techniques not a specific style. They create a warm, welcoming, encouraging and respectful classroom environment, where students can make meaningful connections, develop or improve their skills.

“We believe that good teaching is an art!“

Our Mission

"We inspire adults at any level to learn, create or cultivate the visual arts within a group setting."

Our Vision

"Elevate Tucson, Arizona as one of the top art & cultural destinations within Southern Arizona."