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Art Verve Academy

Learn, Create, and Cultivate the Visual Arts!

About Us

We are Tucson's unprecedented mobile art academy. We proudly offer classes or workshops in sketching, drawing, painting or mixed media face to face within a group setting in a variety of mediums, subject matter or techniques. Adults, ages 16 & up (or accompanied by a guardian) at any level are welcome to enroll.

Who Are We?

Proudly serving Tucson & the local vibrant arts community, since the spring of 2016, we operate as a small service oriented business dedicated to education in the visual arts.

What We Do?

We encourage individual learners to improve upon their skills, observe or process new information through face to face quality instruction within a group setting in hands-on interactive classes or workshops.

What We Offer?

We offer sketching, art journaling, drawing or painting classes or workshops in a wide range of mediums, subject matter & techniques.

Where Are We Located?

We are unconventional as we do not have a dedicated building of our own. We strategically partner with other local organizations or small businesses to aid, sponsor & support the local economy. We teach in rented spaces, locally around Tucson, Arizona.

What’s Our Learning Process?

Learning is vital to the success of any classroom, but it doesn’t just happen. Our team of instructors are key in the learning process and we believe that good teaching is an art!

We recognize unique visual artists, who are lifelong learners and have exceptional intrapersonal communication skills as vital in the process of learning. We provide them with a platform to teach as visual art instructors, a way to connect with others outside the studio and become an integral part of our overall curriculum.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin

How Many Classes Do We Offer?

We do not have a set amount of classes or workshops that are offered each year. We schedule classes or workshops based on when instructors are available or when a specific facility is available.

We are seasonal. The majority of our classes are held in the fall, winter or spring. The best times to find a class with us would be September to early December or January to May. We do occasionally offer one or two classes during the summer, however only within a well air conditioned location.

Specialized classes are on demand, offered by a need or student's request. Some classes are offered in series, revolving around a specific topic or technique. Students may enter our carousel curriculum at any time based on their own comfort level or skill.

Art Verve Carosel

Class Duration?

Weekly class sessions are 3 hours long, including a 15 minute break. Dates & times will be listed on the registration form.

Workshop Duration?

Workshop sessions are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, including a 1 hour lunch break. Workshop could be one day, two or three consecutive days in a row. Dates & times will be listed on the registration form.

What Ages May Attend?

Adults (over 18), ages 16 & up may attend if they are accompanied by a guardian. Unfortunately, we do not offer classes for youth or teens at this time.

Repeating Classes or Workshops?

You are welcome to repeat classes as many times as you like based on your interests.

May Absolute Beginners Attend?

Absolute beginners to advanced are welcome to enroll. No prerequisites are needed for any class listed as “Absolute beginner.” We do offer drawing classes annually for absolute beginners, such as "Down to Earth Drawing Basics" or “Painless Perspective for Drawing or Painting.”

We believe that anyone can learn to sketch, art journal, draw, or paint with knowledge, practice and a supportive community! Whether you are an absolute beginner, novice or professional artist, you will find an experience with us that will take your skills to the next level.

What Are Skill Levels?

Each class or workshop enrollment form will list the desired skill level. See the following definitions to assess your skill level.

Absolute Beginner

Is unfamiliar with art supplies or has never taken an art class before. May not know what to buy in an art supply store or has never been in one before.


Has taken at least one art class or a drawing class but may not yet be confident in either drawing or painting (just starting to learn a skill).


In Drawing - Has a solid understanding of line, shape and value. In Painting - Has a solid understanding of color mixing and brush types.


Has the confidence to either try any new medium or switch from one medium to another.


Has both superb drawing and painting skills & has mastered multiple or any medium.

Tuition or Fees?

Tuition fees for each class or workshop are listed on the registration form. Tuition fees may vary as each class or workshop is unique in that it may or may not include materials. Tuition fees usually average around $40 per each session of three hours.

Learning Environment Expectations?

Instructors will create a supportive learning environment with the following expectations:

  • Be respectful to your fellow students, everyone should feel free to ask questions without judgment or ridicule.
  • Turn off cell phones or put on vibrate; if you need to take a call, please do so outside the classroom
  • Come to class on time or set up your studio equipment after the lecture, demonstration or critique is over.
  • Bring a willingness to learn or at a minimum, a sense of humor. Attitude is everything!

I had put down my art interest for more than two years. I needed something to 'kick-start' it again. I took two classes from Art Verve Academy. They were 'Drawing the Human Head' with Christy Olsen and 'Exploring Watercolor Textures' with Stacy Egan. Both of these classes & their instructors were very, very good & just what I needed to 'kick-start' my art activities again. I would strongly recommend these classes & the Art Verve Academy!!!

John Liebert
a.k.a. Artist Wannabe!
Regarding "Exploring Watercolor Textures" & "Drawing the Human Head" class