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Art Verve Academy

Learn, Create, & Cultivate!

  • Learn Mixed Media with Michele!
  • Lean on Location!
  • Cultivate with Stacy Egan!
  • Cultivate with Linda Chappel!
  • Take an Adult Art Class with Us!
  • Learn Watercolor!
  • Learn Opaque Watercolor!
  • Cultivate with Michele Vaughan!
  • Cultivate with Christy Olsen!
  • Create Still Life or Florals!
  • Create Abstracts!
  • Join the Fun!
  • Request a demonstration during 'Art Nite'
  • Learn Watercolor or Gouache!
  • Learn How to Oil Paint!

"We enable adults at any level to learn, create or cultivate the visual arts."

You are sure to find an experience with us that will take your skills to the next level. We offer weekly classes at multiple locations in sketching, drawing or painting in various mediums, subject matter or techniques for adults at any level who would like to learn, create or cultivate the visual arts.

Definition of Verve
  1. vigor, spirit or enthusiasm animating artistic performance
  2. vivacity, vitality, energy

Learners are finding the verve with us!"

Art Verve Instructors

Our team of instructors & professional artists provide an invaluable service to the community & are super passionate about what they do. They are key to the learning process! Each creates an encouraging, considerate & welcoming environment and focuses on the success of the individual learner.

Good teaching is an art!"

Linda Chappel

"My work often combines images from the lexicon of art history with direct observations of nature."

Stacy Egan

"In my winding path through various artistic endeavors, I have found my home in ink and watercolor sketching and painting."

Meredith Milstead

"As a visual artist & teacher in the subtle pursuit of that ever elusive yet fully satisfying, spontaneous Aha!"


Christy Olsen

"I have an enthusiastic approach to learning & I love to share information with others.."

Michele Vaughan

"Art classes or art gatherings are a framework for people to form connections."



Learners are finding the verve with us!
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